Greek Roster Removal Form


This form serves as a way for the Office of Student Life to track changes in fraternity/sorority membership at UCA. If a member drops or is removed by the organization, this form must be completed or that individual will remain on the roster. The form should be filled out if one or more of the following things take place:

  1. New Member drops on their own or is removed from the organization;
  2. Active Member drops on their own;
  3. Active Member is removed from organization (locally or nationally); and/or
  4. A member's status changes to become no longer active (such as graduating or transferring).
This form can be filled out by the individual member or a representative of the organization.

The final time to submit this form to make changes to the current semester roster is Commencement Day each fall and spring semester. Once the first day of classes has passed for the current semester, the Greek Village Fee cannot be removed from your university bill. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Life at 501-450-3137.

If you are removing multiple members of your organization, you must upload a spreadsheet using this template!
Name of Person Completing Form
Select the type of submission that best applies.
At the end of this form you will add the email address for the organization president. This individual will be notified of the form submission. 
This form only changes the roster housed in the UCA Office of Student Life. Please contact your (inter)national headquarters regarding paperwork for your (inter)national roster.